Sitemap - 2023 - deNutrients - News to Use

Mistletoe - for kissing under or treating cancer?

Merry Christmas & motivation to take care of our oral hygiene & motivation for me to clean and declutter.

Witch Hazel is blooming

What is Integrative Medicine?

Contemplative Care - meditative approach to health care and end of life care. Free course.

Mindfulness and the Habitual Mind

Mycoplasmas and cancer risk circa 1968

Akkermansia spores for colon health & butyrate; Pantry & Menu planning handouts

Diet focused Type 2 Diabetes management - avoiding Ultra Processed Foods & adding magnesium are two of the tips.

Creamy artichoke pasta recipe.

Mycoplasmas, revisited - nature provides us many healing choices.

Adrenochrome & Schizophrenia-like thinking, Part 2; actually, its a bunch of topics. Spike plus media messaging is causing Alzheimer's like damage and personality changes per Dr Nehls, via Naomi Wolfe

Gutting the Middle Class - elite/WEF goal allegedly is succeeding per Charles Hugh Smith, a financial writer.

Adrenochrome & Schizophrenia; and the AHA! award for Accurate Health research.

Letting go of past patterns

What is a "nutritionist"?

Pics, a desert landscape, moonlight, indoor gardening

Fun Night - Favorite Movie?

McCairn & Rixey Biowarfare Livestream, my thoughts & treatment info; Mycoplasma pneumoniae; Gulf War Syndrome; Terrain dysfunction - multifactorial conditions.


Supplements someone is stocking up

GP109A's anti-inflammatory benefits

Happy Thanksgiving (puree menu & a humus recipe) & a review of a new Dmitry Kats niacin product - GP109A. I'll pass.

Essential oils against CoV, also quality control & MLM direct marketing companies

I was wrong about being wrong. Maybe I didn't want to be correct.

Lymphedema Protocol

Breakthrough Boss - an autoimmune and functional health success story.

Lymphedema, polyphenols, and Supplements I take - when not forgetful.

Sledgehammer time.

Musical interlude - Dave Matthews Band live in concert (in 2018)

Fullscript Cyber sale through Nov 28.

Lymphedema, movement, and structured water

Feel good grooves - mood and movement are connected. Music may help too!

microRNA imbalances seen in sudden cardiac death; via Peter McCullough; pomegranate & citrus peel might help modulate miRNA imbalance.

Microbiome - Prebiotics vs Probiotics

Hypnotism - Brian Halliday; & a Holocaust history comment by me (and I share reference links/document)

Both Human Galectin-3 and bacterial endotoxin LPS sequences are in the chimeric spike

We are symbionts with our mitochondria and our microbiome species.

A cancer drug example of 'War on Health' as the current strategy of healthcare.

Galectin-3, IgG4 and LPS endotoxin in the chimeric spike protein.

Galectin-3 inhibition for CoV is in the news - Epoch Times News

Mood & Food Overview; music - food for the ears, energy drinks & caffeine.

What's on the Menu? Quick meal ideas & content planning for better health.

Oxalates - vitamins B6 and B1 are needed to prevent crystal accumulation.

The US is not a safe place to send immigrant children. We have 'lost' 85,000 children.

The US military are killing children in Gaza - directly, 5000 military are on the ground.

Arachidonic acid addition -the modern diet has plenty, except vegans may need supplements.

Cofactors for Omega 3 metabolism

Ancient agriculture and blue blood - biochemistry of blood pigments.

Why Are We Flooded With Outrage Producing News Stories?

Devaluing truth - a culler's tactic.

Cathy O'Brien, interview partial transcript.

Licorice and Liposomes or the Cytotoxicity of nanoparticles.

20 Herbs from Tribal Domain for Remedying Acidity, by Dr. Deepak Acharya, via GreenMedInfo

Choline, weight gain and Alzheimer's hippocampal damage; myasthenia gravis & oxidative stress; brief sulfide comment.

Genes are a mixed bag that may be turned on or off; and dopamine, mind control and healing from it

Stressed? Why You Need Reiki - GreenMedInfo

Revisioning Cellular Bioenergetics: Food As Information and The Light-Driven Body - via GreenMedInfo

Grounding: The Missing Element to Healing Autoimmunity? - via GreenMedInfo

Adrenal exhaustion follow up & book review. Brief bruxism addition.

A mother's advice - not my mother's.

Diva culture vs 'A Little Princess' - part 2 Bruxism & Dopamine excess.

Bruxism - tooth grinding: excess EMF or elevated homocysteine?

Autoimmune Mysthenia gravis and choline transport across nerve synapses; my current structured water hot beverage recipe.

'Pumpkin pie spice' versus volatile chemicals from artificial fragrance.

Live Symposium on nanoparticles in blood with Doctors Ana Mihalcea, David Nixon and Len Ber.

EMF and random illness vs dietary triggers vs smoking & formaldehyde -> which caused the symptoms?

Mind control tactics, continued

Biofield - our aura, is not only real, it is already being used for internet connectivity and power.

VIBRATIONAL HEALING: Biological Mechanisms Underpinning Sound Therapy & Music Medicine - GreenMedInfo, by J. S. Reid

Dr. Lee Merritt is warning caution re a 'Emergency Broadcast System' test scheduled for Oct 4, 2:22 pm Eastern standard? & Oct 11 same time.

Binge eating and phenylalanine and opioid receptors.

Probiotics and Pomegranate Juice Improve Symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - GreenMedInfo

Seafood ecookbook by Food + Planet

ALP & LD - Alkaline Phosphatase and Lactate Dehydrogenase. A longevity study mystery.

Quick update on my 'moral dilemma'

A moral dilemma - donate to an organization that protects child abusers or not?

DHA - evolutionarily our oldest unchanged molecule - and has quantum functions.

Strontium has a Substack niche - reshared replies; also a text by Dr. Alex Vasquez & revisiting glyphosate in legumes and grains.

Overcoming Overwhelm

Russell Blaylock, Excitotoxicity author, glutamate negative impact on hippocampus

More on mosaic patterns in water

Mosaic patterns in water and exclusion zones of structured water.

The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald H. Pollack, wrap-up/book review

Mg-ATP and cytoplasm; salt and salicylates; and aether energy of cosmic and local space.

Looking beyond the Overton Window at magnesium and iodine and water.

Follow up on Cells, Gels & the Engines of Life - G.H. Pollack; pufferfish and biotensegrity too.

Iodine and the book Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life - Gerald H. Pollack

Back with flowers

Homocysteine & glyphosate; more on methylation cycles, microbiome and how pomegranate helps promote PPAR alpha and gamma receptors (which is a good thing).

More on cancer, methylation cycles, and high fat diet balance.

Cancer, Cowan, Cytoplasm, Seyfreid, and the methylation cycles.

Glyphosate book by Seneff & an IBS webinar help explain gut dysbiosis

Histamine and gut dysbiosis; Minerals Matter!; Two webinars & cordyceps mushrooms.

Polyphenols for exercise recovery; Pomegranate's Performance-Boosting Potential Confirmed - GreenMedInfo

Media mind control techniques

Prenatal folate and folic acid levels; NTDs, a multifactorial problem.

Methylation cycle gene differences as a cause of heart disease, Dr. James Roberts.

Police were ordered to block cars from leaving the fire. Says local man who walked to safety & Shelby Thomson - nearby local

Hollywood, forest fires, and Lahaina, Maui.

Movie day - a trip to Hollywood via US Dept of Defense

If tired and inflamed, then sleep; and sulfite sensitivity.

SARS-CoV2 may cause Retinoid Toxicity due to liver damage - a hypothesis paper.

F-actin and cholesterol sulfate; video by David Diamond about history of cholesterol research & statins.

Phyto-News Grab Bag via American Botanical Counsel - and Pecans & nuts!

Not brief review of nutrient deficiencies that might cause Neural Tube Defects, and why folic acid might help a little even with it not being methylated.

Vitamin B5, taurine, and the transsulfuration cycle of the interconnected methylation cycles.

Retinoid Toxicity, COX2 inhibitors, and adrenal insufficiency (alcoholism too).

Salacylate page updated.

Lower phosphorus food choices.

Folate or Folic acid, pre-conception to week 5-8 prenatally, may reduce NTDS & autism risk.

'Balanced Diet' is about not dying due to malnutrition.

CoV, ACTDs, calcinosis, secondary hyperparathyroidism, albumin and Retinoid Toxicity - new news to use.

Digestive & mental health discussion & Thanks for the well wishes.

Dr. Mercola helps people and Chase just closed his financial accounts.

Solanine toxicity or benefits; fibromyalgia and the Nightshade family.

Retinoid Toxicity & Golden Berries, Peruvian ground cherries.

Synaptic plasticity involves cannabinoid receptor and nAChRs.

nAChRs in the fetus - lots, and in Alzheimer's dementia - not enough; also AChBPs - acetylcholine binding proteins might be protective against jab version S1 subunit.

NAC, Nrf2 & NF-kB, and cancer; Xanthum Gum too.

Stress, formaldehyde, smoking, and pain hypersensitivity in teeth or other body parts.

Teeth; TRP channels that sense pressure, cold, and promote remineralization in teeth with cavities.

What are teeth?

Arachidonic acid, 5-HETE, ginger, CLA, and prostate cancer;

Salicylate Risks & Benefits, Fibromyalgia & POTS

Salicylate strikes again (me); leg edema and COX inhibitors & pomegranate against cancer

Cancer, apoptosis, and magnesium deficiency.

How Pomegranate Puts Chemo & Radiation to Shame - Sayer Ji

Salicylate Toxicity vs Sensitivity and our Microbiome

Salicylate Sensitivity & more food lists, protein in beans, Indian cuisine, Type 2 DM, alcoholism and boundaries.

Traits that may linger from childhood trauma

Guaifenesin, fibromyalgia, and salicylates.

4 Ways Pomegranate Extends Women's Lives - GreenMedInfo

Why Eating Pomegranate Could Save Millions of Lives - Sayer Ji

NAC - cysteine excess and negative feedback control of methylation cycles.

Oxalate - needle like crystals that plants make to reduce insects from eating them.

Pomegranate for Metabolic Syndrome; GreenMedInfo.

Independence from Glossy Buckthorn

100+ Health Properties of Pomegranate Now Includes Helping Diabetics - Sayer Ji

Why Pomegranate Juice is 'Roto-Rooter' for the Arteries - Sayer Ji

Parabens - estrogen mimetics in cosmetics; and herbal extracts for skin and hair care.

What is health? and how to maintain or restore it?

'Amazing Fact: Pomegranate Can Serve As A Backup Ovary,' by Sayer Ji.

Effective, affordable, efficient health care - that is my goal; recipes, What is an Extract?

Exposure to toxins - environmental, metabolic, and food sensitivities.

Goals - insights from Earl Nightingale & Structured water update.

Atrazine, feminizing pesticide, Peter Dalglish and UN/WHO creeps may be grooming school children in bulk.

Competency standards and industrial accidents

Structured water - grade school science fair experiment.

Structured water - with Dave Asprey; Methylation Meets Gut Health with Dr Lynch, fibromyalgia Thread by Dr. Kohilathas.

Human knockout mouse* field updates (*me) re TRP channels, IBS, and mast cell degranulation.

Ice cream as a healthy food? Researchers wanted to bury these findings. Let's look for a mechanism of action instead.

Semaglutide, brand name Ozempic or Wegovy, is a new weight loss drug with kidney & blindness risks.

Protein ratio and overeating, 12% is the number to know.

Gender dysphoria as a symptom of early childhood trauma.

Hospice - dying with dignity, at home. Pros and cons - and chocolate porridge.

Breast cancer metastasis, NNMT, SIRT1, microRNA449a; yuanhadine and pomegranate peel extract may be protective.

What does a Pultizer Prize winning "woman" think is the universal access to femaleness?

Humans are mammals, both genders have mammary glands that may be able to function in an emergency.

Gender dysphoria, a man made example, is in the history of gender theory.

"What is a Woman?" - Matt Walsh; trans topics, trauma alert - graphic image of transmale 'bottom' surgery.

Talking tofu-urky. Good or bad for you?

LongCovid and excess acidity/lactate theory - the positive feedback hyperinflammation loop by another name.

Retinoid Toxicity

Beans for breast cancer? and liver health?

Veggie Nori Rolls, How-To's for Health: a new section, and Iris anticipation - pics

Content vs content marketing; overstuffed Nori rolls and High protein drink recipes

Alzheimer's is something to prevent 20 years ago. So start early.

Ground Ivy vs buckthorn; Recipes - Lima bean pumpkin seed salad and Wakame seaweed salad.

Ground ivy - another medicinal garden herb turned lawn nemesis. Ditch the lawn, eat the weeds.

Mass spectrometry webinar regarding similarities between cancer, tuberculosis and pregnancy,

BCAA supplementation may improve Sarcopenia and reduce risk of liver toxicity; serendipitous Nestle Ed webinar,

Protein adequacy is critical for preventing infection or chronic inflammation.

SV40 & Cancer, slides by Dr. M Khatami

Musical Interlude - time to get moving

"Words are polysemic." - Thomas Harrington

Morphic resonance - the 100th Monkey effect? - 3 videos with Rupert Sheldrake, Gabor Mate and Dr. Iain McGilchrist.

Money Game (Part 1) by Renmakesmusic (music video-disturbing); Thomas Harrington on Manufacured forgetfulness; Join me on Notes

Potassium iodide and asthma; and peer review process due in part to Robert Maxwell - video by Dr Alex Vasquez.

Bifidobacterium, CoV, Sabine Hazan, and butyrate producing colon species.

Part 6 - Pseudouridine; links re microRNA, and SV40 for lay readers or the discovery in CoV jabs; and What is cancer?

Seaweed, cysts, and iodine. And Nasturtium DIY sprouts

Part 5. Annoyed Citizen Interview with Kevin McCairn & a preprint re jab effects on innate and adaptive immune system

Eye and retina risk with CoV - RVO

Plasmidgate update via Anandamide; Shadow government; various tidbits of news

Mr Rogers - my friendly neighbor as a child.

Truth - painful & useful: Demineralization of teeth and bones may be due to phytic acid content in a vegan diet.

Part 4. modRNA, pseudouridine, snoRNA; Cancer, CoV, microRNA, mRNA

Part 3 - microRNA, mRNA, CoV and Cancer; miR-21 and PPARa, RXR, palmitate or glucose versus polyphenols

Interview with Mickey Z for Post Woke Podcast; Pure Maple Syrup - bonus from nature.

Cancer & plasmids, tutorial by Christie Grace, biotech specialist.

Part 2 - microRNA, mRNA, CoV injections & cancer; Baicalin resource by David Cowley and Johanna Deinert

microRNA, mRNA, CoV and cancer

Akkermansia - colon anaerobe and butyrate producer - promoted by polyphenols; Colitis Protocol.

Autophagy and NAD depletion

Spike clearance goals; Dr. H. Ealy and the Energetic Healing Institute.

Testimony by Funeral Director & embalmer Laura Jeffery; Dr Ryan Cole with Dr Drew and Dr Kelly Victory; nutrients for immune support.

Antifungal NAC Protocol by anons Peribsen and MacLir.

Fangirl moment - Dr. Mercola cited me in an article about iodine.

Freedom to grieve - impassioned testimony by a Funeral Director in Canada.

The Haiku version of Retinoid Toxicity - plan for a new webpage (thinking cap on).

Protein inadequacy likely a risk factor for dementia; Garlic mustard; Pomegranate Ellagitannins video.

Cognitive self check, ROCF, 25% rate, decline seen after mild COVID-19; & Spring flowers,

Substack links working on Twitter again, an Easter surprise! Also Attorney Renz interview; cilantro & pumpkin seeds.

Transhumanism & mRNA 'vaccines'; links to Karen Kingston & George Webb posts

Quantum tunneling measured with deuterium and regular hydrogen; links to mitochondria posts.

Traditional publishing? That's not Twitter though.

A Twitter Stamp of Authenticity was awarded to my last post. Hmmmm; & LNP biodistribution graphic.

Cancer - excess deuterium -> mitochondrial dysfunction; also black chickpeas, SOD1 and sulfur.

"Brain dead", "comatose", or iodine deficient?

The Cholinergic & Dopaminergic Systems and cholinergic inhibitors; more excerpts on nAChRs.

nAChRs - lengthy; nattokinase, brief; and Katherine Watt and Laura Jeffery interviews.

Self-spreading vaccines, mRNA 'vaccine' & other topics, a tech report fro ~ 2018.

Disinformation is delivered with sugary confidence. Transhumanism seems a goal.

Culinary care for CoV: Nrf2 promoters, essential oils, resistant starches, liposomal broth or pudding, adequate protein and fluid.

Elevated IgG4 ~> VAIDS/ a preprint; Flavonoids -> let nature do the microbiology.

Weird Direct Message - second in a theme - Join the Illuminati! It will be swell!

Bob Moran: cartoonist, freedom fighter, father; & Earthlings documentary, trauma warning.

Dementia risk linked to increased loss of bone density (hip) in elders.

Chinese invasion in the US?; and what is the Overton Window?

Protocols; and Silencing Women?

Brand recommendation?

Genes - some of mine & F-actin, glyphosate, microtubules & conception.

Scope of practice is a safety circle; Banking meltdown and other financial news.

"Adverse effects of Antipsychotic Medications"

Dementia revisited - it is a Black brains matter topic. Which is a magnesium matters topic.

Ikigai - Japanese concept about finding your purpose in life & having daily joy in the process of living.

Dementia less bad, or statin use an unidentified confounding variable?

Human augmentation - super soldiers - conspiracy fact? /Trauma warning/ Illuminati whistleblower & a military book pdf.

Vit D supplements associated with less dementia risk. Large study.

Happy International Women's Day, Dietitian's Day, and happy birthday to me!

Spike list condensed with food additives, [:-)

"A positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses and [infant mortality rates] IMRs is detectable in the most highly developed nations..."

Got my power back, yeah!

Baby naming party!

Sheeple, sheeple, sheeple! - Russia & Wuhan didn't do it; & get winter sunshine for melatonin - infrared heat.

Melatonin, more important antioxidant than glutathione - Dr. Eric Berg, DC.

Getting to know your False Flag events.

Academia is controlled media through funding sources. Pharma has the bucks; & what makes a whistle-blower?

Falsified death reports, via J. Couey; Summary of CoV link, Okay Then News'; fake "Day of Hate" planned per the ADL; & who helped create black freedom fighter movements?

Detox for vinyl chloride and other toxins

Stephanie Winn, therapist insider on the cult like promotion of Trans; interview by Jan Jekielek


"Ice, ice, baby" - pics; and emergency resources source -

Home before the ice storm, and power outage. Emergencies are gender neutral.

Prebiotic for bees, ISAPP podcast; my mom hopefully to be discharged today!

"It's Not Easy Being Green Support Group" (meme), Brief update about my mom. She seems better!

Enhanced coconut oil body lotion ~ a recipe; Our skin is an absorption and excretion organ.

Stephanie Seneff and two others have a new publication on prions; update about my mother - thanks everyone; activated charcoal filter at house level to remove vinyl chloride.

Meme post and my bad news day. Sad face.

Worse news re Ohio and surrounding regions - air and water spread - wide distribution risk. Link to an Adam Gaertner post.

Reverse Transcriptase and LINE1 - new preprint, via John Smith and Dr. Paul Alexander.

Link to Glyphosate and Dioxin Detox - for soil remediation and human health, by Gavin Mounsey; also drugs that might fight Marburg viral infection.

Air flow, aether, and Van Gogh's Starry Night, Chapter Four continued; & Lion’s Mane mushroom and Avocado seed flour - two super foods. / Link to Vejon Covid-19 Review, re autoimmune risk.

CDC's Vinyl chloride fact page was updated recently, last update 17 years ago. Not included now- the risk to children.

Vinyl chloride, hydrochloric acid, and dioxins - self-care ideas, a summary post.

Vinyl chloride risks and detox possibilities.

Ether flows and everything flows along with it. Where is it flowing? -> Chapter Four.

The speed of light is variable - news to know, from the 1800s. Chapter 2 & 3 / Bonus link: "skepsis" via Hopeful Grump/Substack.

Protocols via Euromedica supplement company.

Feminine products would be helpful to have more available. Recognizing endocrine disrupting chemicals as a real physical cause of gender dysphoria is the bigger need.

Oxidative stress itself may be causal in insulin resistance - as a self-defense mechanism during overfeeding.

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space, a book summary (series), Part 1. / Regreening of Israel by Cloud Buster & Iranian clouds?

Pole - shift, mainstream theory is about the solar flares and EMP.* And What is the meaning of "debunked"? In these times?

Moderate carb (30%) diet plan ~ 1400-1500 calories, Detox & mitochondrial support goals.

Emergency resources, shelter building, and other checklist type information. / Also are the jabs adding graphene hydra to some people?

More on the New Madrid Fault and pole shift topic - as there are questions.

The earthquakes in Turkey are not wargames or HAARP. They were expected by everyone watching the planet's magnetosphere.

ChatGPT - ethical in medical use? And more about DAN and aliens and the lying US government, hypothetically.

Aristophanes broke the ChatGPT's programmed silence by setting up a scenario/character for it to answer as - DAN. / Makes it clear the thing is programmed to lie.

CoV posts, the DoD and financial trails, and boron for Morgellons treatment.

Gardening with Bees in mind.

Gardening with chickens in mind.

PCOS and Citrus Peel updates and resistant starch for immune health and CoV resistance.

"Dense Breasts" and cancer risk likely equals bromide/fluoride & chloride excess and lack of iodine.

The Financial Coup d'etat Explained by Catherine Austin Fitts, in an interview by Taylor Hudak, for acTVism.

There are more than four major ways that spike effects long term health risks. I count 13 currently. There are also solutions - more than 13.

New webpage announcement! Prenatal/Child on

Bioweapons a bore? I don't think so.

Sculpture Palette Cleanse

The Basic Stack for Child & Prenatal care / Protocol

Bad art, or is it propaganda? news.

New beginnings for heart health education

Where to find pomegranate products

Gastric cancer, H. pylori and EBV coinfections, and My Twitter account is restored!

"Jordon Trishton Walker" - Pfizer/DoD leak or plant?

'Green Salad' recipe.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, autoimmune disease, and lack of care from mainstream medical professionals.

UK ONS data admitted to being flawed and unusable to show vak efficacy or safety.

Cancer protocol? or yummy chocolate porridge? also a link to a Japanese official getting firm and a history of the Gates family by A.M. Ogynu.

CoV injured - Suicide rate increased in those without a support system. Group homes are needed. & Stew Peters/Brian Ardis, CoVenom tips and additions from me.

Why don't I focus more on CoV? I do - the ankle bone is connected to the immune system, etc - health is inter-related.

WEF entertainment included a song about Chi - aether energy.

Niacin & fibromyalgia - victim of disinfo by the ChatGPT ; DrOpenAI also caught in a lie, MedPageToday article link.

Love, music, and a list of the Heart Revolution series of posts.

Cannabinoids and aether/nerve flow; heart failure and TRP channels; exercise and nutrients that may increase aether flow and awareness of our body.

The Heart Revolution, con't - Mike Adams wins magnesium award.

Better zinc levels associated with fewer migraines. More bitter taste sensitivity linked to less CoV - and what are bitter taste receptors doing in the heart?

The Heart is an aether gathering chamber (my thought); and More from The Heart Revolution videos.

The heart is a vortex not a pump - Frank Chester video link / many links The Heart Revolution event, plus a Substack by Katherine Boyle and a related movie (includes some spoilers - Violet).

Leptin Resistance Protocol; obesity, gut dysbiosis, hyperinflammation. Supplement examples included, link to Fullscript for more info about them.

Praise is under-utilized, criticism, over-utilized, and I have the negative programs in my own mental talk. Listen and adjust.

Adaptogens for well-being - protocol with supplement examples, brands, doses.

An older comment "You wasted your time." My today reply - everyone's time is being wasted.

The obese are more at risk for hospitalization or dying of CoV, link; leptin would be part of the risk.

A comment about legal strategy at state level, avoid Federal.

Dr. Schwartz gives us a baseline - What is a securely attached adult?

History - the other side of the story. *graphic topicatrocities. Modern and older porn industry and Bolshevik atrocities.

Cancer care or profit stream? Story of Dr. Burzynski and an ancient therapy (urine!).

Testimonial & discussion of disillusionment and hope.

Liver transplant lists and a study that was never published - a whistle-blower about insurance company policy. No names though, history to reflect on current events.

"Military grade weapon - multiple complex systems deployed in one vial" - or one passive exposure exosome of chimeric spike genetics.

Cholinergic inhibition and breathing.


Morgellons history - a Very Important Comment to a post with Ana Mihalcea info.

Leptin resistance increased by ultra-processed food diet...experts probably is lack of bitter phytonutrients and/or zinc deficiency.

The Swamp of Adverse Event Spikes - post by Josh Guetzkow re CDC release of VAERS safety analysis. Over 700 swamp spikes.

Mitochondrial dysfunction precedes, Alzheimer’s / SIRT3.

Alzheimer's overview article taking note that the research has been skewed and wrong. #Histamine #Retinoids

S1 jab version may be different imo than SARS-CoV-2 version. /link to Unglossed-Brian Mowrey

Retinoid toxicity meets PCOS, and 2023; PCOS Protocol pdf

When the trainer is trained wrong, they train others in the wrong methods - Passing it forward, like intergenerational trauma. #whistleblower #iodine #PCOS