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Lately a research project has been a focus, regarding histamine excess, Retinoid Toxicity, and hyperinflammation. CoV topics are likely related and are also a focus. Phytonutrients and pomegranate peel are too. I occasionally post recipes but not typically. I like photography and nature and include some of my own images and enjoy the large gallery SubStack provides via UnSplash and their creative photographers.

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Preventive health and chronic care information for our special CoV times, occasionally political and news. Dietary intolerance, Retinoid Toxicity, histamine excess, hyperinflammation, autoimmune and mental health focus.


Jennifer Depew, R.D.

Nutrients make everything else possible. Registered Dietitian. Prenatal, lactation, early childhood experience. Research focus on phytonutrients for preventing degenerative conditions pre-conception and through the lifespans.