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Pomegranate helps PCOS or CoV issues - win/win (and many other things) and is in season in Northern Hemisphere. / & #Index of recent Posts

New PCOS protocol on my FullScript account - you can be a client & purchase at 20% off, their whole catalog or things I highlight.

'Shedding' yes, very big deal per Dr's Ana Mihalcea and Michael Roth; in an EDTA chelation video.

Chimeric spike has a gene sequence similar to hydrogel; fibrinolytics don't seem to break up the weird clots. EDTA has helped per Dr. Mihalcea.

IgG4 antibodies - the autoimmune kind we don't want, are elevated by increasing # of CoV jabs. Passive exposure is likely similar.

Autism in women who mask their differences and trauma in children - interview by Gabor Mate.

"Time is our most precious commodity." / Poleshift is on the way - time is limited.

The Microbiota-Gut-brain-axis - is considered a neuroendocrine system. / & food truck cooking classes & EO 13887 - DJT gave the DoD a lot of power over vaks.

Merry Christmas! I was given a vote of confidence from a reader!

Systems biology, 12 systems & the PrimoVascular System and microbiome.

Bamboo salt - low tech way to process sea salt, reduces toxins, increases beneficial nutrients.

Vak injury, anecdotal. Also bad STATS, jabs have negative efficacy, yet Sean Penn wants to jail the unvaccinated. Why Sean?

Thin male athletes are dying more from jabs because they are thin male athletes - Got it yet?

Beta-glucan from shiitake mushrooms, or any mushroom protects by activating dectin-1 receptors - would help spike issues, or cancer.

Two cardiologists, long interview about CoV spike issues - my rewatch. "Psychopathy," "criminal," "defrauding the public," "No more jabs." AND - "We need to focus on treatment."

Two cardiologists, long interview about CoV spike issues. *Update, now part of the mitochondria & movement series. - Jan Jekielek interview is pertinent.

I found the Ig Nobel award for 2022 - vegetable intake not found to reduce CVD risk - wait for it...

Aether/chi and Kirlian photography of auras

Medical gaslighting- a doctor's recommendation after experiencing being a patient.

Russian statement about US and Ukraine bioweapon like activities and destruction of documents. #mustread

The forest of spikes, revisited - pulmonary embolism in the elderly. FDA report, no action planned on their part re the jabs.

Mitochondria, bone cells, and movement.

The last post got a big edit and has resource links now. (Niacin/wild hamster cannibalism/glyphosate.)

Niacin deficiency linked to glyphosate and cannibalism (in wild hamsters).

New CVD research - omega 3 beneficial, beta-carotene not helpful, increased all-cause mortality risk.

'Victim card' or Survivor how-to's?

Mitochondria, movement, the cerebellum and dystonia.

Geert Vanden Bossche is trying to tell us something about jab effects on immunity of the jabbed / maybe T-cell support would help.

Peter McCullough - gets closer to the answer about the excessive menstrual bleeding.

Mitochondrial dysfunction and PICS, poor recovery after ICU.

Holiday shopping idea - Zojirushi rice cooker.

Phenotype - ADHD and autism comorbidly? / Gene Table & video by Yo Samdy Sam.

Gene alleles Table, n=1, Case studies can be informative about heterogenic conditions.

Zinc Deficiency and elevated IL-6 > mast cell degranulation>histamine excess; also >microbiome dysbiosis.

Coronavirus patterns of growth, via Brian Mowrey, & human patterns of child-bearing, a discussion.

Mitochondrial dysfunction, continued, & an ASPEN webinar.

I don't like the Count the Miscarriage/dead babies game. Let's do something helpful instead.

Nature loves a good design; Cancer, POTS, Epigenetics & the One-Carbon Methylation Cycles.

microRNA, elevated homocysteine and is there a role for excess Retinoic Acid?

microRNA are the real regulators of gene transcription.

US Dept. Health & Human Services

If...Ye is suicided, we will know who ordered it.

Autistic? / and Exosomes-spike shedding.

POTS - Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, can be epigenetic & therefore may be reversible.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha white paper and pomegranate paper update.

David Martin exposes Dept of Health & Human Services fraud re CoV policies & 1986 vaccine liability protection law.

Z-Stack product line on sale all week, 20% off whole cart.

The US has been preparing Ukraine for war with Russia since 2014 per Oskar Lafontaine,

The Manipulated Mind, book pdf

IQs have been decreasing in men born after 1975, and were rising prior, from 1962-1975.

People revolting against CoV lockdown in Shanghai.

Quick post - Balenciaga update - they deleted their Twitter account - that's a win.

Balenciaga update- they apologized and are removing the specific ad campaign.

We are Both the Germ and the Terrain Theory

Two important Substacks - 30 questions from Margaret Anna Alice and Igor Chudov re serious articles proposing mandating morality pills to promote the collective good.

Boycott Balenciaga - should be easy to do.

Shiny baubles and media distraction.

Med Alert - VAERS death report held up 665 days and date of death wasn't included.

Retinoid Toxicity strikes again . . .

Important Substack re FOIA in UK about vak injury cover up, 30 year history.

Cherry licorice tapioca/garbanzo flour pudding is delicious.

Revised update - I did submit my paper!

Electrolytes, Pom paper, & other news.

Electrolyte imbalance associated with Eating Disorders.

Empathy hurts but also heals; thanks empaths for seeing.

Leptins - revised and expanded version.

Leptin & nutrients for mitigating stress/ANS/catecholamine elevation (SPED comment)

October most popular posts /& Sept. Pom plantain extract update.

Predictive programming, media manipulation and nocebo effect.

With the Atlantic article about amnesty, let's talk about the stages of grieving more.

Pomegranate products for the nociceptive pain of histamine excess.

Dietary recommendation for flavanols - 400-600 mg/day.

Bay leaves - anti SARS-CoV-2 - and good in soup.

ER nurse describes vak injury in self & patients; and related: Deagel report & posts by Justin Hart.

The passing of a great poet - Gerald Stern.

Informal UX experiment results - funny titles don't get clicks as well as informative titles.

Bitter taste receptors protect against Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, and Parkinson's, but need zinc and bitter tasting peptides from dietary protein.

Avocado health info and recipes from Today's Dietitian.

My too long paper as Haiku

Endocannabinoid deficiency and the neuropathic pain of noise hyper-sensitivity.

Statistics about male and female fertility after CoV injections.

Peaceful childbirth is difficult currently, (CoV/spike issues)

TRPC and other TRP channels, channelopathies, and kidney disease.

WordPress comment, again; TRPC GP109

Not easy being green but less anxiety inducing?

Good deal on Black seed oil post

S1 spike found in autopsy, not the viral Nucleocapsid protein.

Hopping to it. & Hegel quote.

#BaricforJail Fauci too and NIH and buddies too

Peter C. Gotzsche explains why pharma co's meet definition of organized crime - video.

Why would anyone stay silent about this?

Catecholamine-mediated stress myocarditis, spike S1 and alpha 7 nAChRs.

What autoimmune hyperinflammation looks like - LongCovid/FLCCC Conference.

EWG's Dirty Dozen - produce with the most pesticides.

It's Lab Origin

Pomegranate Peel Prep tips.

Niacin protocol update & Vit C for heavy metal detox.

Ways pomegranate protects against spike.

"It is not okay."

SPED fans - a Dec. 2020 Public Comment to the FDA. They were warned.

Cognitive dissonance, training, confusion, transformation.

People with learning disabilities or severe mental illness found at highest "risk" over obesity or age for mortality from hospitalized "Covid19".

Disturbingly transparent Table.

News tidbits featuring Daszak, Baric, and also Fauci money and new GOF work.

Pomegranate and Covid19/spike

Study design in nutrition - a link

Editing advice from a friend

The Culling? It is for the greater good?

Sialic acid and TRP channels.

Woot, Woot! Deadline was extended!

Pomegranate, TRP channels, nociceptive pain, butyrate and endocannabinoids.

Geert says we need to treat everyone prophylactically to stop breakthrough infections & slow the mutation rate.

n = 1 health care & self-controlled studies.

Terrain theory and early treatment/prevention.

Oil & US hegemony

A Table - Nutrients depleted by psych meds and risk factors for schizophrenia.

The Lancet COVID-19 Commission

Rhubarb deserves more than one line.

α-MSH, regulator of appetite and weight and our bone matrix. (& we need Zinc too!)

VEGF, galactin-3, chimeric spike, and milk sugar.

Shiitake Mushroom snacks

CoV injections not safe for breastfed infants.

Too much calcium a heart attack risk?

Sleep posting follow up- forgot the UFOs Declas screenshots.

Quick post / aliens are among us?

Pomegranate for mitochondrial support (and zinc for a healthy weight too!)

Iodine and an old lie, still being spread

Pistachio Sumac Pilaf - recipe

PCOS and Mitochondrial dysfunction; also an Agilent Whitepaper about detecting mitochondrial toxicity for drug safety.

PCOS: iodine deficiency, berberine, and a low/moderate carb diet may help.

Retinoid toxicity fans - liver damage hypothesis article.

Ana Mihalcea video & inflamed lymph node self-care discussion

We need more "bully pulpit" speakers ~ Jon Rappoport

War - "It's a mistake", except when it is necessary.

Take hyperinflammation seriously.

My Internet is back!

Free ebooks - Live Pain Free Cookbook & Waves and Ripples

"Trump is a LARP", Gematria, and Taiwan.

Ideally, stop endothelial dysfunction before the mystery bruise stage.

Live webinar conference -link

Follow up -

Round two - Retinoid Toxicity & CoV, by another research team.

SPED meets Retinoid Toxicity - round one.

Downloadable Tools in my toolbox

IL-6 and vitamin C, and ferrotopsis.

Gender dysphoria can be real and biology based.

Sparkle in the eye - magnesium.

And puffy, pale, pain pics (not me)

Flashback pics day

My research paper, initial progress

Niacin and being a human knockout mouse.

Monkey jabs ineffective but, bonus, didn't kill the animals.

Pom plantain alcohol extract - day one.

Breathe out Carbon, lose weight.

Cool compress or aloe for sunburn pox?

Solar radiation pox update - DDT may also be a cause.

Emergency preparedness is practice to see what works.

Solar flares/EMP, false flags, & sunburn? - solar radiation pox?

Monkey pix ;-)

VAIDS is no fun; that is all.

Contest update -didn't place

Hello new subscribers & a caution for Substack writers.

Switching gears to - Monkey/shingles/chicken/smallpox

More Butyrate-promoting microbiome menu ideas.

Pudding is just good, there are other foods to promote butyrate.

Why pudding makes us happy - the melatonin/opioid tangent.

Keeping health simple in Japan,

New problem-the excess death rate, post by the Ethical Skeptic.

Houston, we have a problem.

Unusual spike in use of children's acetominophen in Canada created shortages - in 2022.

Moderate alcohol use - beneficial? Brief News to Use post.

Nociceptive pain evaluation - "My everything hurt."

Peaches, follow up - the day didn't get better.

Peaches! rich in carotenoids.

Exciting (for me) news

Iodine in pregnancy & lactation; also estradiol, anandamide and female tendency for a good mood.

Spurious correlation or unidentified causal link?

Meal examples for better health.

Going out on a limb - #25 - excess Glyphosate. #26 - Microbiome health. #27 - low Tryptophan

Eugenics over time.

Children and Fairy tales - is lying okay?

Solutions - how did I get better? - & #24 Histamine excess.

Addition #23 - B1 - thiamine

#22 - Psychosomatic symptoms, Childhood ACE score (adverse factors).

Another oversite: #21 - psych med use

Retinoic acid makes #20 for our schizophrenia/Alzheimer's risk factor list.

The game Jenga and "Burnout" - "It's been two years; they should have this figured out!"

Schizophrenia risk factors may also be Alzheimer's risk factors; Experimental design and variables.

Big post update, with big news.

Cerebellum fun - a game of jacks.

Rest in peace Dr. Zelenko

Sarah Hallberg - low carb, higher fat diet for Type 2 diabetes.

Standing on one leg - research revised plan.

Standing on one leg - a life lengthening skill.

A Tale of Two Potato Chips

Amyloidosis was reduced by C60, Fullerene - an Nrf2 promoter in antioxidant form.

Retinoic acid & toxicity - dosing - how much is too much for normal health?

Colitis...and Retinoic acid.

Why focus on Retinoic acid?

Symptoms of Retinoid Toxicity

Retinoic acid, mitochondrial Cyt c, and cancer.

A Tale of Two Porridges - Translational Medicine?

Hyperinflammation - a positive feedback loop leading to Alzheimer's?

Endoplasmic Reticulum stress, misfolded proteins, allosteric modulators and delphinidin.

Nrf2 & NF-kB - 2 proteins to know.

COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? - Blaylock

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Twitter suspension – claim two accounts is a violation

Six minute video – explains viral infections & how the government recommendations are wrong

Alopecia – hair loss; autoimmune & other reasons

Ukraine and US corruption

Exosomes: audio conversation; Patent trail; & Micro-chip images of vial samples.