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Kale and carrots - super good right? maybe not for everyone.

Retinoid Toxicity Symptom Questionnaire

Ether Pop - Universal Consciousness

'Allergic' to flickering lights?

Note about notes, an open notebook.

Mast cell activity & Hyperexcitable mood

Epigenetic changes may also be involved in Covid19 or LongCovid

Long Covid survivors - may have antibodies against several coronavirus

Glyphosate increases histamine, both may be a factor in COVID19

Histamine excess - self help through diet.

Histamine excess may affect long Covid sufferers.

Zinc deficiency more frequent for severe Covid-19

Glyphosate and COVID-19

Blueberry Bars

Zinc, cancer, and bitter taste receptors

Zinc - big news, CoV and other illness related.

Covid-19 info page added to a new site

Ether Pop

Artemisinin, arteannuin-B, sgp130Fc and COVID-19

Big news, non CoV related - polyphenols linked to lower dementia risk, large human study

Endothelial cells, COVID-19, and Vitamin C

CoV-19 nutrition research announcement by the Dutch firm Nutricia, link

Pomegranate peel catechins - inhibition of NET formation

Pomegranate, neuroinflammation, antimicrobial, metal chelator.

Anemia of Inflammation, IL-6, Hepcidin, Iron and Vitamin C.

Phytonutrients that may help against SARS-CoV-2.

Hesperidin and Quercetin content in Citrus peel.

Citrus & Fig Marmalade Jam

Bitter taste receptors in the lungs & Hesperidin's decongestant properties.

Vitamin C, IL-6, and respiratory failure in COVID19

Dark Chocolate Orange Peel Cookies - recipe

Treatments vs 'a cure'

Dietitians' responsibilities include understanding medications.

Infection, Panic, Self care, and Unity.

Cytokine Storm, SIDS, autism and Vitamin C

Updates/ Vitamin C Infusion is helping CoV-19 patients in New York.

Eat Food - Antivirals are found in common foods.

Good news - magnesium protects against cancer.

ACE2, Diarrhea, & COVID19 - it gets complicated.

NSAIDs are COX1 and COX2 Inhibitors, while Antioxidants are COX2 Inhibitors

Fear and Immunity

Immune support against viral infection.

Nrf2 - The Grocery List

Love Flavor and Fragrance

Forgiveness, the scent of violets

Love & Forgiveness

Forest bathing, terpenes, and stress reduction

Problem Solving and Stress

Problem Solving and Terpenes

Curiosity, an overview

Curiosity Types and UX Design

Curiosity & Intrinsic Motivation

Mindfulness - calm during the storm.

Crankiness - lack of sleep

Crankiness - hot and thirsty health risks

Crankiness: hot, thirsty or hormonal?

Perseverance and Self control

Intermittent Fasting, benefits & cautions

NMDA receptors & Dopamine

Hangry & hanxious, part 2

Hangry and hanxious

Koko and Climate Despair