Sep 3, 2020 • 6M

Ether Pop

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Jennifer Depew, R.D.
Learn about feelings, and possible physical causes and ways to feel better.
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Ether energy fills our universe and us and everything. It may be the force behind gravity with two vectors of flow supporting a planet or moon in addition to the orbit path around the sun. Ether energy can be healing and is attracted to water and coalesces and spirals in a flowing water like pattern. We can see the path in spiral Nebula in outer space. 

Love and gratitude is appreciated, the energy force seems to also be our collective unconscious - universal oneness understood by many to be a loving god. Connection to others is love, is heaven-like, and disconnection, disruption, is the chaos of entropy - lack of coalescing and flow. Ether energy that is exposed to radiation can become sickening. Weather patterns include the force and flow of ether energy and drought is likely when it becomes stagnant or full or radiation effects. 

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There is likely an energy form after death and it may involve free pairs of quarks and any quark entanglements - connections we made during life, whether positive or negative. Consciousness in the out-of-body energy form has been described by one writer as more diffuse, less specifically you and your memories, we'll find out eventually - or we won''t. Belief, faith, may also be important in addition to gratitude. Love connects, love organizes, heaven on earth and in our hearts and minds and souls. Hate is disruptive, disconnecting and may also become embedded in our minds. Practicing more positive statements may help to embed those in our minds and lead to more pleasant feelings in our mind and body.

This episode is singing - Ether Pop - a new genre! Peace and love to you.