Mar 16, 2020 • 33M

Fear and Immunity

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Jennifer Depew, R.D.
Learn about feelings, and possible physical causes and ways to feel better.
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Fear of infection is instinctual. We have a natural reaction to get away from anything that seems disgusting - which includes slimy, sticky, yellowish-green things that may be reminding us of spoiled food which can be a risk of infectious disease, or of nasal mucus which can also be a source of infection. Fear may also tend to make us pretend there is no risk which wouldn't help us survive or a fear reaction of fighting might occur or trying to seek someone to blame - which also wouldn't necessarily help with survival if a problem is already present. What is the percent controllable - what can you directly do about a problem? 

A sense of control can help reduce stress levels while a sense of helplessness may lead to freezing up in a fear response of watchful inaction, which might help avoid a predator that senses motion but wouldn't help against an infectious microbe. Healthy habits are within our percent controllable and healing foods can help give the body what it needs to fight infection. Many healing foods and phytonutrients were mentioned in the Nrf2 - The Grocery List episode.

Image - an orange peeled with a sharp knife so the white pith is left on the sweet orange wedges. The white pith is a good source of phytonutrients including Nobiletin which may help our body switch from inflammatory pathways of an active day into the healing anti-inflammatory pathways of a good night's rest.

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