Jan 2, 2020 • 11M

Koko and Climate Despair

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Jennifer Depew, R.D.
Learn about feelings, and possible physical causes and ways to feel better.
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Negative emotions may help motivate us to change when old strategies are no longer working. Despair, worry, depression can lead to hopelessness and inaction. Words to describe a feeling can help with recognizing when it is happening and may help with having a coping action ready to use. Emotions can happen quickly, and may help with survival by having behavior patterns ready for running or fighting, or freezing. Freezing in plain sight might help against a predator that tracks motion but wouldn't be helpful to act against climate change. Koko is the gorilla who was taught American Sign Language. She had a message to share with humans about the need to fix the planet, quickly. 

Koko's speech: transcript, video with subtitles.

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Image: Web of life mobile art image taken at the David Brower Center.  browercenter.org.

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