Jan 8, 2020 • 16M

NMDA receptors & Dopamine

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Jennifer Depew, R.D.
Learn about feelings, and possible physical causes and ways to feel better.
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Part two of Hangry and hanxious includes the effects of dietary glutamate and aspartate as possible causes for mood changes that might occur after a food or beverage was eaten, rather than being overly hungry for the next meal. An overview of the topic is included as the Trailer.  More neuroscience detail about NMDA receptors and mood is included in the main episode section. And more detail about the benefits of intermittent fasting for weight control and possibly protection against Alzheimer's dementia is included in the Bonus section along with cautions for who might be more at risk from an intermittent fasting or low carbohydrate meal plan, including people with mood swings or disordered eating concerns, or for pregnant people.  The amino acid, glutamate, and trace minerals magnesium, calcium and the mood stabilizing mineral lithium, and the role of NMDA receptors in bipolar disorder, Alzheimer's dementia, and in appetite control will be discussed throughout. The three sections add to the topic that was introduced in the last episode, Hangry and Hanxious.

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