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Joy is healing and may need a little help.

Therapeutic goal overview

Vak Spike vs Viral Spike and Exosomes

Adaptive Immunity, ADE, and Antibodies

Preventive health and chronic care information.

Spike summary spreadsheet; telomerase, Circadian cycle & Nrf2

Short list Dosing details - ranges with selfcare guidance.

Patent law, SARS-CoV-2 has 120 patent protected sections, some dating back to 2002 - SARS-1.

Quotable -

Spike protein risks & aids - summary page

NLRP3 Inflammasomes & Spike Protein

Herd immunity is the peak of the curve

Herd immunity & the Nuremberg Code.

Snake venom toxin in the spike protein?

Shedding of the spike protein - a communicable prion disease risk?

Glycine & glyphosate & misfolded proteins - Seneff article.

Prion like concerns about the spike protein

"It's a wealth transfer..."

Health is being rented

Health is a commodity - oh, wait, Illness is - no, Public attention is a commodity.

Garment Workers, Bangladesh

Mass psychosis & totalitarian takeover.

Transparency of my life as a US citizen.

US is now a rent-based economy instead of a productive one. Interview with Michael Hudson.

Spike protein is a toxin. Please stop trusting the experiment.

Transparency of currency change & possibly control - theories of a financial industry author, Catherine Austin Fitts; Spike causes senescent 'zombie' cells -> need Zinc and mitochondrial function.

Niacin may help prevent or treat migraines.

Glycine - good for our extracellular matrix & for immune protection against viral infection.

Aging biomarker found to be increased in LongCovid, epigenetic changes possible

Responsibility - self care first, so able to care for others.

Salt to taste.

Starvation or addiction?

Cannabinoids are made with the BHMT gene (and others).

Cannabinoids & blood vessels - and LongCovid.

Hope - is the future, is teamwork to build a better future.

Niacin, & early treatment in general for SARS-CoV-2 is sensible, reduces hospitalization and mortality rate.

Strategic Mindset & Grit - try, try, try again, but a little bit better each time.

COVID19, summary of nutrients that might help prevent, treat, recover.

Magnesium- protects against vascular calcification

Pomegranate Peel/extract may help increase NAD+

Pomegranate peel - anti-COVID19, may block ACE2 receptor access to the SARS-CoV-2 virus