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Childhood emotional trauma can cause brain changes

Neuropathy can be a cause of extreme tiredness

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are not the same

Glyphosate was found in vaccines; and tips for reducing dietary exposure

The herbicide glyphosate is similar to glycine, an amino acid

End Citizens United and reform campaign finance and voting systems

The U.S. scores on the 2016 Social Progress Index have dropped

U.S. ranks 68th on health and wellness compared to 133 developed nations

Climate change is real, Exxon knew all along, now it's time to plan and do, not just talk

People discussing national debt, NSA Security, and peace

Cooperation and instinctual bias; a link

Current recommendations in the U.S. for preventing SIDS; a link

Stress, Nature, and What 13 Countries are saying about U.S. politics; a link

Once you've seen one flat-headed baby you'd rather prevent the problem

Antimony, SIDS, autism and mattress covers

Against Our Better Judgement; book summary

Religion and politics, an educational article; a link

Self injurious behavior in autism patients with low calcium levels

Problems that are too big may lead to mental blocks about the issues; links

Regarding therapy and sexual assault recovery

And what do osmomechanical stress, changes of temperature, chili powder, curry powder, ginger, Benicar, hormone D, steroids, and cannabinoids have in common?

Methylation Cycle Defects - in me - genetic screening "for research purposes only"

What do we have in common with pine trees and ticks?

The voices that people with schizophrenia are hearing are probably their own inner thoughts

Fine art from around the world

Gender ratios in art

The Parity Pledge and Gender parity in the art world

Prenatal Vitamin D deficiency may be associated with the infant's risk for developing Multiple sclerosis later in life

"One learns by trying"

Red-tape, busywork, unnecessary regulations - are more polite terms for BS

Ballot access takes time

Change takes time, talking about issues can be a place to start

Modern Art as CIA propaganda against the Cold War

Nakba Day (The Catastrophe), fifteenth of May, 1948

Presidents have constituents, Celebrities have fans

Persuasion, instincts, and the color red

Newborn screening for autism - 3 sets of 5 potential biomarkers

BVO, Brominated vegetable oil is in the same chemical family as PBDE, a flame retardant