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High blood pressure and possible ethnic differences

Integrity and health

Iodine and Hydrogen Ions

Is Success Money? Happiness? Survival? Promoting Change?

Water and proton tunneling

Fennel Seed Diet

Short term goals

50 Year Plan

There's more to life than business.

Science can take awhile

Focus on a goal - okay

Tips for Changing Habits

Aquaporin protein channels in desalination of sea water

Migraines, TRP channels and cinnamon

Sleep and health

Autism in females may have slightly different symptoms

Duty to Warn

World Suicide Prevention Day

Might Alzheimer's involve an infection-leading to inflammation?

Myelin and Neuroscience, the short story

Brain cells and aging

Climate change, ocean currents, and an ice age

Phosphonutrients, infant formula, & brain health

Productivity and priorities

Spinning 101 - Vestibular system

Foods and phytonutrients that may benefit T cells

Endocannabinoids, retrograde signaling, and learning.

Glymphatic system - yes- sleep helps protect against Alzheimer's dementia

Glymphatic system; easy answer Friday

Pumpkin seeds - rich in zinc

Climate change is a 100,000 year change

Passive Energy Buildings - building for a future with temperature extremes

Hiking is good exercise

Exercise may protect myelin

Fact checker - the search engine

Pomegranate extract update - has similar mechanism to NSAIDs

Why care about demyelination?

Demyelination, continued.

Good news/Bad news about Multiple sclerosis research

Intelligence and the weight of evidence

To have optimal Magnesium needs Protein and Phospholipids too

Pre-eclampsia means pre convulsions; a life threatening prenatal condition.

AHRQ's National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) website has closed; archive list available here.

Make every day Kidney Appreciation Day

Regarding links and research

Links on Alzheimer's, diabetes, insulin and P38 MAPK

Links on heart disease, calcium and iodine

Habits save energy, will power uses energy

Translational Research - translating research into patient care strategies

Glutathione, Nrf2, Autism and glyphosate

Choline and betaine - water soluble nutrients

Pantothenic Acid - vitamin B5

Riboflavin - Vitamin B2

Healthy Skin - visual sign of a healing diet

More 30% calories from carbohydrate diet plan examples

So what might a 30% calories from carbohydrates diet plan include?

What do daisies have to do with autism and Alzheimer's risk?

Average Autism and Alzheimer's Rates Differ by Gender

Autism rate is increasing at a rate faster than evolution can explain

Genetic Screenings can give guidance about potential medication adverse reactions.

Macro and Micro-nutrients, description and food sources

Tamarind Powder, Nrf2, and Soup flavoring notes

Cannabinoids and Alzheimer's Disease

The kitchen is my R and D lab

Pomegranate health benefits, serving size and extract recipe summary

Some pomegranate ideas re crop use and climate change

I work for the children and the planet

"If you can't see the forest for the trees"

Cookies are great but so are crackers

Asking for help and receiving it, silently

Conscientious, helpful people tend to live longer; and other longevity tips

Age is a state of mind - and health

My dream - a ten year plan

Thinking about art and clean air

Fennel Cookies - lightly licorice; and a Lime variation

Cheerful Chocolate Cookies

Gumbo File - anti-inflammatory and possibly anti-cancer

Spicy Molasses Cookies- revisited

Malaria, climate, and vector control

Distractions from nutrition - a timeline

Mountains, rolling, craggy, sunlit, cloud covered - all beautiful

Good ideas and essential ideas - a comparison

Connecting to the past through words

More trees, they can be healing

Timequake, a novel by Kurt Vonnegut

When and What, two important questions

Walking in nature or viewing it can reduce stress

Who owns science? or, should all ideas be shared?

Imagining windmills - solar sail revolving ones

Public bathing facilities was an option in Rome

Group homes for mixed age groups

Phospholipid and fertility for men and women

Phospholipids and infant formula

Sumac tea was a lemony drink used by Native Americans

Pomegranate extract - Master Chef Challenge update

Inspiring Words about Peace - Kaiser Permanente Memorial Park

For those who can't grow pomegranates, consider sumac instead.

Collectivist and Individualist Cultures and long term survival

Glyphosate from Roundup causing soil problems in No-Till agriculture

Alkalizing foods refer to the alkalinity after digestion

Make the mission more important than the leader or followers

For the Do-It-Yourself project - privacy and warmth panels

Thinking Outside the (Tote) Box

Foods that are good sources of phospholipids or other phospho-nutrients

Calcium and vitamin D supplements are not recommended to help prevent hip fractures

Power Foods For the Brain - a TED talk

Ellagitannins and red raspberries

Pomegranate polyphenols and Microglia M2 activation

Why care about expertise? or who cares?

Cancer treatment for zero dollars?

Revisiting superstition from the perspective of economics

Why care about thyroid cancer? It's about iodine.

Why care about health? It's about statistics.

Being grateful for our bitter sensing tastebuds

Luck is about being grateful for what you have

New Year, new recipes