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Master Chef Challenge - Pomegranate Peel

Pomegranate peel may be the best part - medicinally

It is not a coincidence that my phospholipid rich diet overlaps with Nrf2 promoting foods

The idea of taking one capsule of 'Nrf2 Activator' seems unrealistic - to me

Nrf2 - helps activate beneficial genes, protective against inflammatory conditions

EMFs and Intracellular Calcium - Magnesium is nature's calcium channel blocker

Climate change seems to be increasing lake effect snow

Breast milk is best for baby - and for the workplace, healthy infants > fewer sick days

Traveling shows the beauty of our land and people

Social isolation and oxidative stress; and ginseng

Oxidative stress and aging; trace minerals and antioxidants

Autoimmune Trivia - clothing choices for health

Magnesium deficiency and cancer - and magnesium sulfate salt

All are equal in Equal Opportunity Programs

Medical marijuana is not the same as an addiction

Giving Thanks to each other and to Indigenous People

Banana Republics - an old novel for a current era

Reality check: U.S student health statistics, K - 12, a link

Pleasure, happiness and a book to avoid

Health is about health not reality shows

Just some pretty pictures

Tragedy and child trauma

Definitions are worth discussing to help understand each other

Several nutrients are involved in heart disease

What is racist is unfair housing and food policies

Regarding health and autoimmune disease in women and men

Caring about others may mean caring about our food supply too

Ethics guidance for mental health counselors

Maps of the United States & mental illness

Amount of US bombing is worse or similar to the Nazi's

Why did the USDA remove iodine from its Food Composition Database?

A reminder to count your blessings

Health can not ever be a "right"

The dark side of the cuddle hormones is aggression

Springcleaning is over:, website launch

Marginalization and violence

Is it Addiction or Starvation?

Nutrients Rock - "School house" style

Prenatal ultrasounds are a great idea, but for baby too?

Happy Independence Day! "Let freedom ring!"

Pre-eclampsia, oxidative stress, and Celiac sprue

GPI anchors are cell membrane glycoproteins

To termites, trees are like giant sugar cubes

Increase in electromagnetic radiation may be associated with increased autism