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Preventing autism perinatally - before conception

Autism may be able to be prevented prenatally with individualized perinatal education and nutrition therapy

Healthier groups may also be more peaceful groups

Calcium and vitamin D supplements and prostate cancer; IOM and NIH reports

Calciphylaxis, molecular mimicry and egg white albumin; an experiment, n = 1

Magnesium deficiency can cause irritability, anxiety, and chronic degeneration

Calciphylaxis may be caused by several different nutrient issues

Secondary hyperparathyroidism and calciphylaxis symptoms; an update with lab values

Neuraminic acid was known first as sialic acid

Elevated parathyroid hormone (PTH) and 1-25-D, calcium deficiency and calciphylaxis

Glycocalyx - What's Mucous All About?

Fringe Report: The glycocalyx, fiber rich produce, and intestinal health

Glyconutrient posts

Low vitamin D levels associated with increased LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio and triglyceride levels

Other fringe topics revealed the connection between our health and that of the environment

series: Fracking, and lead are still bad for the environment

Screening and testing for intra-cellular pathogens

Fringe reports; Elevated hormone D levels and irritability

Whether to be compliant or to be healthy seems like an easy question to answer

Babies have dignity too; Magical Child Matures, a book review

Consciousness discussed without zombies, aliens, or frogs; a link

Books about thinking and non-verbal behavior patterns

How we praise children may be instilling a more entity or incremental theory about personality traits

Intelligence is not a fixed entity, but believing that may make it so

Intelligence differences and Racism, Classism, and Corporate-profit-mongerism

Differences make us unique, and may have helped with survival

If laughter is the best medicine, then self advocacy may be the second best, and a U.S. physician has written a prescription for both; a book link

Good news, homes for the chronically homeless saves money; a link

Closed big box stores could be re-purposed as community health and recreation centers

Elevated levels of BPA found in children with autism

Methyl Donors and BPA

Coffee is a methyl donor, yippee for my DNA

Apathy at the population level may be a symptom of hypothyroidism

An update on fracking, 2014. link

Finding one's life purpose in three steps