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I have taken a combination of fish oil and lecithin capsules, in equal parts, for about 35 years, to manage fibromyalgia (which started in my very tough and athletic body when I was 13). In that time I have had to increase the dose, and the level of relief has reduced, but essentially it still works. I get stiff, I take the pills, I wait 15 minutes, I can now move normally. Reliably, for 35+ years. Over that time, I have played around with ratios of fish oil to lecithin, and with different high omega 3 oils, and different sources of lecithin, as I do not like taking the same supplements for a long time. But simply, the variations never work as well as the original. And they work better if I take them with a glass of milk, full fat cows milk. If I stop drinking cows milk they stop working altogether so saturated fat is also necessary or some other magic ingredient in cows milk. Over that time I have also tried every form of detox and every form of quack medicine invented by the human mind, and none has improved my symptoms - except this fish oil, lecithin and milk combo.

So no lectures on how bad this all is. We do what we have to do to survive. I am still functional at 72 where prescription medicines would have killed me within a few years. Despite being seriously messed now with the rollout of 5G around me, I have been doing something right.

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Tried nicotine gum...4mg...and was so sick.....

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