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Your posts are always thoughtful and very informative. Sharing personal health details is very brave of you and provides a learning opportunity for readers. Thank you for sharing!

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I don't know what much to type other than you have my sympathy.

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Oh my

Quite the war you battled. Pray you have landed on a sweet spot to recover some balance. Hope you can bring in additional home care for your parents.

Love your communications here. Read it all.

Oral nicotine is not kind to our digestive systems.

A Dr I follow has used lowest dose patches and quartered them, used daily while spike ill, then a flush is needed. He found licorice root and clean water sufficient. Natto is a must.

I am quite sensitive/reactive and chose to cycle on/off IV vit C with Glutathione and B complex while spike attacked.

Homeopathic cell salts (12) are kind and bodily supportive with Natto. Chlorophyll for copper in smoothies to assist mitochondria...now at stable lab panels.

We are all unique. We all need tune ups and battery terminals cleaned to fire on

all cylinders. Can get rusty when not cleaned up. Long trips require oil changes. Think homeostasis. Long term oral intake of really anything throws us off balance.

Love my Homeopath and NDs.

I used electron microscope for blood analysis q3mo on start, now q6mo.

Breath work works wonders. A fully functional central diaphragm tunes up all 5 diaphragms and boosts all organ functions.

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