Strontium, an mineral sold OTC as a nutritional supplement, appears to be beneficial in excitotoxicity. I

believe that it could be added to the list of recommendations for mitochondria health.

Strontium (Sr) can replace calcium (Ca) in cell signaling. However, Sr tends to be less active than Ca. So, it tends to reduce excess Ca activity.

Sr slows excess Ca influxes into the mitochondria and Sr also reduces ER stress. Sr has been shown to prevent apoptosis, reduce mitochondria swelling from toxins, reduce mitochondria swelling in rats subjected to extreme exercise, and reduce mitochondria and liver damage from in 6 patients admitted to the emergency room from excess alcohol intake.

Sr also replaces Ca in nerve cells and modifies synapses, limits neurotransmitter release and reduces the pain message sent to the brain. It also reduces the "danger" messages sent to other cells (from the TLRs and other mechanisms.) Sr reduces neuroinflammation, cytokine storms, and negative sensations such as pain and itch. In 1924, Dr Alwens found that he could eliminate the need for morphine with a few weeks of Sr injections. His successes include bone diseases, Parkinson's, phantom limb pain, various inflammatory diseases, and much more. A recent study shows that Sr prevents brain damage associated with NAFLD in mice.

Sr has also been shown to prevent sepsis, help diabetes, reverse cachexia and a lots more.

Sr is very safe, and has been used in medicine since the mid 1800s.

Some of my research has been posted on my Substack page. My email address can be found on my articles if anybody has questions.




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Thank you for this post! Filled with useful information.

I wonder if anyone could comment on NAC as a prophylactic for Glutamate toxicity?

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Super, thank you!

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I just listened to his episode of The Higher Side Chats yesterday! Great advice and very illuminating. https://www.thehighersidechats.com/dr-russell-blaylock-excitotoxins-food-industry-corruption-keeping-us-sick/

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