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Wow, important piece, learned a lot

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I just cannot sit in that lotus posture.

I am impressed by the range of your knowledge. Especially for an American! :)

"Aether flow is in all of life and found throughout our environment and space."

"Aether" is the foundation of physical creation. it fills all current created space. From it, matter was and is formed.

Re Health Habits

The body is the ultimate feedback provider of what is suitable for it. Some bodies need meat; and some don't need meat. Take diary as a classic example.

Yes, ditch the microwave. Personally I never let the microwave near my food.

Cook the food only ONCE! DON'T reheat or re-cook any food! I don't understand the habit of reheating food. Cold food is fine. People should try this simple experiment for themselves: take half of what you want to reheat and then compare the pair!

NEVER re-heat any refridgerated food!

Avoid combinations of food. Eat only carb group in one sitting - example, if you eat bread, don't eat fries or rice with it! Likewise with fruits and vegetables. Once type per meal. Therefore, salads are no-no!

When combined two carb groups I felt bloated.

What I eat: rice OR bread, one type of vege, fish or chicken. Try the ONE principle and see feel the difference.

And of course, portion size matters.

Looking at how the Japs eat, generally they apply the ONE principle - rice, miso, fish, vege.

The same with most SE Asians: they eat only rich with side dishes.

Considering that we don't have access to pure water, "structured water would be ideal". Alas, we don't live in an ideal world.

I would ditch #4 totally.

Avoid desserts other than fruits. I was surprised at seeing the western protocol of having the meal and dessert in one sitting.

I think that list is over long, over complicated, expensive and unnecessary. We should be able to get all we need from what we need, drink and exposure to fresh air and sunshine. Look at the habits of healthy people current and present, and most of whom did not touch anything other than food, drink and sunshine.

Remember that we are meant to maintain the body via natural means - not any processed stuff. Thus, any deviation from that basal principle is not healthy in the long-term. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule with us humans. Note that the Breatharians don't even eat nor drink and they are in rude health!

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When we think calcium, many of us think "bones", when in fact we have the most calcium in organs like the heart. Thanks for bringing up calcium channels. Since they're gated/ regulated with voltage, EMFs can disrupt our levels. Why I believe heart disease is ultimately an electrical illness:


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