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Thank you Jennifer! I found you while trying to solve the post-Covid chaos happening in my body; rediscovered how much I love pomegranates thanks to you.

Do you have a recommendation for how much would be a good target “dose” per day if ingesting the peel and pith powder? I dry it my air fryer (dehydrate setting), grind in a spice grinder and add to my yogurt (also Turmeric -- very colorful!). Have been using 500 mg but wondering if that’s not enough to be effective.

Bookmarking this post for when I run out of my current stock...

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Excellent advice, thank you! I’ve been dehydrating my own peel and piths ever since I saw a post about you doing it. I need to learn how to clean the seeds so I can save them for planting.

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very easy, low maintenance & low water tree to grow in zone 10 (also grows in z7-z10)

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Just the post I needed! I bought a bunch of fresh pomegranates thanks to you. Still haven’t prepped the rind yet.

I had searched a few weeks back for pomegranate peel extract, and didn’t find much. Most things seem to be pomegranate extract rather than the peel.

What do you think of this from Bulk Supplements? I have heard that their products are organic (but they intentionally have avoided acquiring the label as their products would then cost more).


Would love your feedback on that one. Thanks!!

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