Black seed oil is derived from Nigella sativa which is not related to the same plant family as Cumin. I have been curious to have more info about Nigella and Black Seed Oil. It is supposed to be a good anti cancer choice as well as other uses.

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Jennifer, I can't say what is the right way for us to handle our health, but I do know that we are doing it all wrong. The further I get into my own health issues, the more I realise that everything that is wrong is related to "settings". My body is valiantly obeying commands. When we get food or supplement reactions - as I do - I try to think it through in terms of "my body is doing exactly as it is being told to do". So what faulty messages is the command centre of my body sending?

For me, with metabolic syndrome, I have high blood sugar, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, fatty liver and am overweight. Being able to test blood sugar whenever I like means I can watch how my body is reacting in real time to various stimuli. When I went on a low carb diet, my blood sugar dropped, my weight dropped dramatically, and my blood lipids improved. Then they all went back up to where they were before I started - on the same low carb eating regime. I introduced various spices that improve insulin resistance. Again, an immediate drop in blood sugar with each new spice, which then crawled back up again - I have watched that pattern now with berberine, cinnamon, fenugreek and turmeric. All dropped my blood sugar when I started taking them, then the blood sugar crept back up again. I have paid special attention to my stress hormones which are clearly related to insulin resistance. Again I have tried various herbs to see if I can calm my production of stress hormones. Same thing. Herbs work initially then stop working. Now with high doses of all these powerful herbs/spices, I am having various histamine style reactions - of course - because I am taking them in unnatural doses, so my body is correctly trying to shunt any excess out through my skin and any other way it can.

In other words, my body is running exactly the way it thinks it should be running. It is managing that task brilliantly. It does not know that its settings are wrong. I have lived my entire life under extreme stress, so much so that I barely notice how many times a day I get that ping throughout my whole body when something nasty hits my mind. My body is doing what it thinks it should be doing, preserving fat and sugar to fuel my next fight flight interaction.

The trick is to reset the system somehow, so that for me, and me alone, I must get my setting to stop demanding perpetual preparation for fight flight mode. Easier said than done. Other people will have different command centre glitches, set up for different life circumstances, and trying to achieve different things. The one thing we can be sure of though is that every symptom we have is our body valiantly trying to do what our body's command centre is telling it to do.

Now of course we have the whole mind body connection which tends to be interpreted as our own thoughts determining these things, but it is just not that simple. Our body's command centre has an operating system that has developed over a lifetime, not in response to thoughts per se, but in response to how we have lived our lives. Life circumstances have modified bits of our code over time, and the one thing we can be sure of is that the entire code IS in balance. If we try to shift one part of it, for example the part where we determine how much sugar should be in the blood, we throw the entire apparatus out of whack. And if our system still has enough strength it will fight to get back into the balance it has determined is correct. Unfortunately, if that balance is not correct it might well kill us in the long run.

My challenge now, which I am working on intuiting, is how to "reset" my entire metabolism to a calmer setting. I need to turn the thermostat down, and thinking a few nice thoughts won't do it. Although one's model of life is clearly behind all of this, that model has been created over an entire lifetime and it has integrity. It is doing what it believes is right, brilliantly. We, at a minimum, have to graduate from thinking a few nice thoughts, to evolving a new way of approaching life.

So my system will not - cannot - reset until I feel safe, at which time, my body will - hopefully - stop keeping me ready for the next disaster. Every pharmaceutical, neutraceutical or food intervention is just a stop gap that might keep me alive for long enough to achieve the "reset", and at this stage in all healing systems that I know of, that "reset" happens by lucky accident rather than by deliberate design.

I think the "reset" happens via the vagus nerve, but beyond that, I have no real idea.

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Tangent: Bleeding risk from medicinal plants or other nutrients

my mom had a rather bad experience with that when I was nearing teenage years. the book she was referencing, Back to Eden, failed to mention that bloodroot increased greatly in potency during some specific part of its annual cycle. I forget, maybe flowering, maybe not.

gotta be careful. even otherwise decent information sources on herbal uses can overlook important factors

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JD - Re: Cumin - about 1 percent aspirin by weight. Eating a teaspoon of cumin is like taking a baby aspirin https://naturalmedicines.therapeuticresearch.com/news/news-items/2020/august/hidden-sources-of-salicylate-increase-risk-for-toxicity.aspx

Re: Rampetsreiter - "All COX-2 inhibitors have the potential to lead to salt and water retention, edema, exacerbation of CHF and increased blood pressure."

Yes the potential is there, the mechanism - PGE2 (prostaglandin), produced by COX-2, inhibits salt and water reabsorption by the ascending limb and collecting duct. However...

In healthy individuals, renal prostaglandins (such as PGE2) do not play a major role in sodium and water homeostasis. YMMV.

FYI - Turmeric and its curcuminoids (curcumin) are a CoX-2 inhibitor, and contain a lot of salicylates.

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Jen , I found your analysis to be brilliant . I need to reread when I’m awake and fully cognizant .

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