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nice work, thanks.

Ran across a folate-deficiency paper from 2008 a few years ago.

Decreased plasma folate concentration in young and elderly healthy subjects after a short-term supplementation with isotretinoin.

A couple other related papers and comments at


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Hope it might help in your valuable research.

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Thanks! Maybe it led to excess histamine and then folate deficiency after it was used to break down the histamine - I don't know if that is how the chemistry would work though. I will have a look.

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PVN - the second reference #132 - PVN of the hypothalamus is very involved in circadian cycle controls. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34599158/ When the circadian cycle is disrupted then the Nrf2/night-time pathways are inhibited, and the activity oriented daytime NF-kB pathways are active - and increasing oxidative stress and continuing to inhibit Nrf2.

Thanks again, several very interesting articles! The folate might have to do with histamine. I notice worse symptoms if I forget my folate supplement too often. I do have methylation gene differences.

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