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nice post, thanks!! I especially liked the bit about glyphosate-glycine substitution. Here's one hot off the press from Montreal published in Chemical Research in Toxicology - June 20, 2022

Pesticides Inhibit Retinoic Acid Catabolism in PLHC-1 and ZFL Fish Hepatic Cell Lines


I've spent a good deal of time at ggenereux.blog and on pubmed (2018-2020) reading about VA-toxicity, including aspects of sub-clinical presentation and related auto-immune causation.

Grant Genereux wrote a book you might find interesting, (even though his personal opinion may be incorrect, i.e., that "VA" is not necessary for life and health). I'm still on the fence about that; particularly considering the huge molar equivalent numbers of Retinol and VA-derivatives that undoubtedly exist, even when adhering to a strict "Zero A" diet.


chapters 3-5 pretty much nail the multifarious dangers.

Grant's third book - Breast Cancer - is very interesting as well.

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Thank you for this drtailed analysis...very helpful!

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Jennifer - another useful lead when investigating the retinoids is the work of Anthony Mawson

42 published papers at PubMed


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