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I think you have higher than norm IQ like yr beloved sis. You are wayyy smarter than any dietician I worked with at hospital. And they were smart!

You know more than most docs actually, I'm learning n implementing n forwarding your awesome work. How come so few readers?? Makes no sense..

One thing that I was thinking of several posts ago and especially now..as I see you've had a hard life and you seem to know about the spiritual but that's not the same as knowing Jesus.. I believe you can be healed mine , body, soul. He loves you and died for you.. He forgives all yr sins and removes all shame and guilt and heals all hurts .. He heals still today. Call out to him for help.. what have you to lose?

You have all to gain in this life and eternity

Heaven and hell is real. Choose wisely

Your freedom and healing awaits beautiful one ..

The way you've helped me and others, let me help you

Please start reading Bible. Start with Luke the physician or any of the gospels Matthew mark Luke John .

Soak in that as you soak in Epsom:)

I promise you deliverance and freedom and healing can be yours.

I will be praying for you



John 3:16

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This is great advice and so well researched. Sorry for your loss. My mother succumbed to Covid-19, died at home, but hospital would have meant isolation from loved ones and clueless ventilation. SARS-2 remodels our bodies to pro-thrombotic and hyper-inflammatory state. This requires very targeted protocols, totally absent in modern medical approach. A neighbour always tells me how diligent he is with getting vaccinated against Covid-19, 4 times, but also had three heart attacks after each shot and never makes the connection. Can anybody explain cognitive dissonance to me?

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