“I had a reply recently saying nobody understands this (roughly) and my response would be: We learn by studying things that we don’t understand and looking up whatever words we need to look up in order to better understand it.”

👆🏻Your response is respectful, yet firm, and brilliantly articulated. I understand that it can be daunting for those without a science or other hard science background, but I know several people who have done just what you mention above - read and study hard things to understand and learn new things.

Pomegranate! We grow most of our own food each season. We also have chickens. All we need to buy at the grocery are paper goods, certain condiments, baking supplies, and grass fed natural meats.

We have a loquat tree, avocado tree, and pecan tree. I’ve been bugging my husband for a pomegranate tree because we love them! I think this will finally get him to agree. Thank you!

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Dec 7, 2022Liked by Jennifer Depew, R.D.

JD - Not very good, but excellent. FYI - "I figured out how to drag and drop an image but then I couldn’t move it to any other sections."

IMHO - Why "move" it? As the warden asked: Did you err in cell block assignment? Witness relocation could cause dynamics issues - confusion. Just drag and drop from original source into multiple sections, or expedite by copying then pasting as many clones as necessary into multiple sections. You can always evict a suspect from a cell block section when necessary.

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