Nov 18, 2023Liked by Jennifer Depew, R.D.

great stuffs and thanks for sharing your supplement list!

i have added pomegranate fruit in my daily diet :) atleast 1 or two ..

what is your opinion on a combination of vinpocetine with ginkgo and piracitam? also recently i discovered that Niacin with Gaba and B1( at night) does wonderful job too! Niacin amuses me every other day with various combinations!!

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Wow, there's a lot in there to consider.

AQP4 is aquaporin-4, it regulates the water and metabolite balance of glial cells & the spinal cord. Autoimmune antibodies can target it, which makes pomegranate of interest to avoid neuropathies.

And we can probably guess why "they" don't want flavonoids & polyphenols classed as vitamins. It would put half the pharma companies out of business in a few years;-)

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