You should try raising your bed 8 inched (the head end). This will put your heart above your feet. It's called colloquially the Egyptian Bed. There is a whole theory behind it. Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)

The angle of the bed can be as important as the materials

with which it is constructed. Recently, a new way of

sleeping, called Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT), was developed

in the United Kingdom by Andrew K. Fletcher. The

head of the bed is elevated initially between three and

four inches, and gradually raised to an optimum eight

inches. This mode of sleeping may sound strange, but its

origins are sound.

Fletcher first became interested in how we can make

gravity work for us by investigating the mechanism by

which trees draw water from the soil. This led to a public

experiment conducted before an audience that included

Forestry Commission scientists and the local press. Using

a series of tubes, chambers, water and minerals, Fletcher

showed that water travels upwards much higher than

one might think—as long as it’s part of a feedback loop

where heavily mineralized water can flow down, and nonmineralized

water can flow back up.

Any concentration of minerals suspended in

water results in the production of heavier water.

Heavy liquids produced in the uppermost parts

of the tree must fall towards the roots because of

the effect of gravity. But, for every action there

must also be a reaction, and the reaction is that

any downward flowing pulses of heavy mineral

laden sap will cause a far greater volume of a

lighter, dilute solution, in adjoining tubes, to

be lifted. . . .

Some of [the heavy downward-flowing fluids]

are used in the continuous cycle of growth [of the

tree], while any remaining heavy liquids which

reach the roots are re-diluted by incoming water

and flow back to the leaves having become lighter,

drawn up by downward flowing concentrated

solutions in a continual cycle.229

consider eating a dinner of free-range turkey or chicken,

which contain high levels of tryptophan. (Incidentally, it

is illegal for baby formulas to be sold unless they contain

a certain amount of tryptophan, because a baby will not

develop without it.) Sometimes I drink a little chicken

soup to get some tryptophan into my system without the

stress of digesting solid food.

Some herbs induce sleep. Chamomile flowers make

a soothing, relaxing and tasty tea. Other safe herbs that

help settle the mind and calm the nerves are valerian,

hops and skullcap.

Large dinners can be a major impediment to getting

a good night’s sleep—especially if you eat after

7:00 p.m.—because the body is being forced to work

extra hard to digest food when the timing of the biological

clock is set to give the message to slow down and

prepare for sleep. If you must munch at night, follow

two guidelines: eat small amounts, and eat carbohydrates

(starches and sugars) rather than animal protein.

Concentrated protein tends to keep people awake and

carbohydrates tend to induce sleep. (People have different

metabolisms, however; so the opposite may work better

for some.) Some airline crews and passengers who cross

time zones on plane trips have successfully navigated the

time changes by eating meals containing mostly animal

protein or mostly carbohydrates, depending on whether

they wish to go to sleep extra early or remain awake and

alert for longer periods of time.

A Proper Mattress

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Jennifer Depew, R.D.

I never sit down without a foot stool.

When I used to spend hrs on end in the office, I used a lounge recliner, which was really good for power naps.

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Jennifer Depew, R.D.

I find high quality, full length leg compression socks very helpful! https://a.co/d/ioKkD3X I have lymphoma and get periodic lymphedema. The compression socks lessen the impact on the legs during computer work as well as having a raised work table (42" high) so I can stand if I want. My chair is a comfortable bar stool https://a.co/d/1tXcHgs. Hope that helps!

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+1 for "my inner Jello" - made me smile!

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Nov 15, 2023·edited Nov 15, 2023Liked by Jennifer Depew, R.D.

Compression!!! It sounds more like a water retention issue than true lymphedema. I have it n things recommended are more for lymph stagnation. If it’s just in your lower legs look at pictures of lipidema. If it goes up and down easily without compression or lymph drainage it sounds like edema. Are u eating enough protein? Is your heart strong? CHF causes edema. Kidney function good? Also Dr Jorge flechas did a lecture on iodine n my ears perked up when he said “lipedema is the goiter of fat cells” a rebounder or vibration plates r wonderful to get things moving. Again compression!! It appears u have the same wonderful genes I do meant for a different century

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