This is such an informative Substack!

Thanks so much for all the good health data you impart. ❤

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Jul 2, 2023·edited Jul 2, 2023Liked by Jennifer Depew, R.D.

Thanks Jennifer, some great tips there and an area allopathic medicine completely overlooks. And why not if you can get everyone on magic prescription drugs for the rest of their foreshortened lives?

As for getting the message out there as we need to do, leaving content out but saying the same with less words in a coherent, engaging and understandable form is a challenge and it takes time.

Academic texts can be ordeal and that's not fun for anyone - who has the time now too? I will be working on this, apart from for work intended as a preprint.

A Substack author recommended this, and I will leave it there for brevity 😉

SMART BREVITY: The Power of Saying More with Less


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Ok I'm going to pull that creeping charlie back out from the compost...it can't stop creeping in our garden. Have you tried it at all as a pesto, salad, etc?

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"“safe” - needs to be really crystal clear. Euthanasia may be “efficient and economical” but is it really “effective” for the patient who might have a goal of improved quality of life for themself rather than simply ending their pain permanently?"


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"beautiful blue delphinium." Nice to see that here, I am always trying to remember the name of that beautiful flower! I think I finally got it.

Question about mango peel - isn't mango (and cashew) in the poison ivy family? I got a rash around my mouth one time from scraping the inside of mango peels with my teeth. I generally can pull some amount of poison ivy with my bare hands, I'm not particularly sensitive to it. But I wonder if the urushiol shows up in mango peels?

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