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Thank you for a thoughtful, well-written post about one of the most important and yet undiscovered topics of our time, both geopolitically and medically.

Let me add a little history on Morgellons.

This condition emerged in the early 2000's – the first official patient being a 2-year-old boy, the son of a biolab technician who was involved in hightech labs on the East Coast. Astute readers may already have a reasonable guess as to the origins of this infectious disease.

Let's skip ahead several years. At this point, tens of thousands of families around the States and even internationally are infected with this unexplained, horrifying condition. Multi-colored fibers embedded under unbroken skin forming bundles, eventually the skin breaks and these fibers emerge – hundreds of bleeding lesions on all parts of the body (not the areas where psychiatric people would be scratching), almost black blood, sticky biofilm, brain fog and severe cognitive changes, extreme fatigue that makes daily functioning nearly impossible... And it passes from family member to family member, even to pets. How? That's one answer they wanted from the government. How to protect other people, what is this condition, how can it be treated and healed.

Here's where we have crucial information for today: The CDC did an 'investigation' to appease patient advocacy groups, circa 2007, in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente in the Bay Area and the Air Force (of course: doesn't everyone invite the Air Force when doing medical trials?) Rather than addressing patient needs, answering any of their questions, or informing doctors of how to help these patients, these Public Servants in the government orchestrated a coordinated smear campaign against Morgellons patients and took the jobs and licenses of any doctor treating them. All at once, every internet site and media outlet that was engaging with the problem was wiped / infiltrated / censored / rewritten (sound familiar?). The singular message, still visible today (see e.g. Wikipedia), was Morgellons patients are female, middle-aged, drug-users, stay-at-home uneducated moms, and Delusional: all of these childish name-calling labels are false according to patient-group statistics. Furthermore, the fibers extracted from under unbroken skin via biopsies glow in standard biolab frequencies under fluorescent microscope. This gene-editing technology used in biolabs including fluorescent tags to see when a cell has been transfected: these have been incorporated into Morgellons patients. Yet according to the CDC, patients are Delusional, situation solved, condition officially does not exist: Whoever created this biolab horror is safe (and probably very well-funded.)

What else did the government do? This is when they quietly moved their secret gain-of-function biolabs overseas – to places like Wuhan and Ukraine. Has 2022 shown us any government smarter than the US who isn't very happy about those Biolabs? The Morgellons community knew about this, because following the labs were continued outbreaks of biolab conditions.

Readers: if you know one single person whose life has been negatively impacted by Covid: someone forced to quit their job, someone who had miscarriages after the shot, someone left with long-term health compromises or disability, someone who died: these people are suffering at the direct fault of those government members whose responsibility it was to investigate Morgellons 15 years ago. If they had acted honestly and responsibly, none of these disabilities and deaths from Covid would have happened.

Morgellons patients have still never received justice. No medical help or acknowledgment – only ridicule and ostracization from a system that has proven itself worthy of disdain. No answers about the very basic questions of their condition. No apologies, no reparations to restore their bodies, minds, jobs, and life circumstances to their rightful former vitality. It has been a heinous waste of life opportunity for tens of thousands of people, and a very clear illustration of the true despicable character of those institutions polishing their own golden crowns.

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This info is important, thanks for sharing it. I posted it as a stand-alone post. https://denutrients.substack.com/p/morgellons-history-a-very-important?sd=pf

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Great post. It will be interesting to see if serrapeptase helps you long term. While IV chelation seems efficient, it'd be nice to find a more accessible treatment ..

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Thank you!

Cheers to our mutual amazement about the spike sequence of hydrogel in the proper pH environmenr!

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I recently heard an interview that mentioned zeolite and Prussian Blue.

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Thanks this is very useful.

I attended lectures from a hospital dermatology clinic as part of my training as a medical herbalist.

If a patient brings a small plastic box containing fibres that have come out of their skin, the protocol is for doctors to refuse to look in the box and to immediately prescribe antipsychotics.

This is their actual policy.

I would never advise anyone to go to their doctor with morgellons.

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You advise going to a doctor?

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In some circumstances it can be useful.

They have good labs and machines for diagnosing the problem.

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I haven't been to a doctor for decades, hopefully never have to make an appointment. If its mandated they won't like me telling them what they are doing wrong. Hahahaha! I'd want to throw those freaking expensive machines out the window. But hey, I want to be natural and accept my fate, so there's that too..

But that's ok, I'm not offering advice and you can think what you want. I shouldn't have been so nosy about your idea on doctors. Sorry.

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On the whole i agree. I also avoid doctors and all primary care for my family is provided by me.

That's mostly why i trained to be a medical herbalist - so i could treat my friends and family and keep them out of the clutches of the medical system.

But......when i noticed a lump it was helpful to get it scanned so i knew what i was dealing with.

It was benign, thankfully.

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