Spike protein itself is a toxin - and therefore it shouldn't be used as the vaccine antigen. It is too dangerous as a toxin as it doesn't need the virus in order to cause harm, in many ways. Children were protected from the virus because their immune function is better…
This is an example of a correlation with a shared causal factors - lack of magnesium and low vitamin D and K2.
Includes some of my work that I think is important- and should be openly discussed on the public forum instead of being suppressed.
This post wandered a lot and I am a little afraid to post it, so I probably should. Peace be with you.
Vitamin shopping tips in brief and memes
Life takes some direction, which involves actin and other cellular matrix proteins - our internal scaffolding to help us build ourselves or a new baby.
and my 3x4 Genetics report - I am glad to have made it through some difficult hurdles. Their report is an easy way to approach the complexity of genes…
They are not good, dangerous really.
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